26 July 2015

great captives

at one point in your existence you fall in love so hard... so hard that the mere thought of your love makes you breathless. the simple eye contact feels a slow choke that leaves a lingering impact in mind.

you are a prisoner of such feeling. it is dangerously addictive. the soft gracing of your love's kiss consumes your every being. the lightest touch of your fingers together haunts you to your sleep... in your dreams. the distinct scent creeps into your thoughts day and night.

love in its purest form is undeniably beautiful. the way it can overpower one's mind is in itself a phenomenon. the presence of your loved one is more than enough to keep your heart pounding rock hard.

i have fallen in and out of love and being in love is one of the best feelings one can endure. whilst it can hurt and potentially damage your entirety, it is truthfully a character-molder. it can never be placed in a certain box or any cookie-cutter shapes for each love in its varied degree has its own depth. 

tonight, we raise our glasses to all those who have loved and lost love, who are in love and falling in love. you are a fool to your own making and it is a f*cking amazing state to be in. whether you are clinking shot glasses, champagne glasses or beer mugs, we toast to us all who are great captives of our feelings.

06 April 2015

fast forward to 2015

it is interesting how nearly 3 years have passed since the last time i made a post. if my memory serves me right, i knew that i would take this long to post purely because i was about to start my post-graduate studies and i know it would require commitment (translation: time management)

fast forward to 2015, so many things actually took place. i got engaged in 2014, completed my post-graduate degree at the University of Liverpool towards the 3rd quarter of the same year and early 2015 i got hitched! 

i've been to new york city, london (about a million times), edinburgh, birmingham, liverpool (practically around UK), paris, and lastly, bali. i've had tons of arguments with my then-fiance and now hubby. 

in other words, i've been to so many things. life has this fascinating way of swaying you around without you realizing that a lot have changed since then.

i no longer enjoy the very late night outs... i no longer enjoy the "all-weekend" out of the house gimmicks... 

i now highly require that i atleast have one decent day off at home. boring i know. i prefer to workout than to get drunk from sunset to dawn. i prefer to travel than to buy a ridiculously expensive car. i prefer to buy gold / diamond jewelries than to buy tons of trinklets. 

perhaps i have matured or became boring. whatever it maybe, it is just insightful to see how time can evolve a person.