01 October 2010

something to ponder on

it amuses me how a simple butt of an eye lash, things could change. 

for a while there i thought i had something going on but then again it proved me wrong.
for a while there i wasn't talking to someone but then again we are so in touch now.
for a while there i thought i was contented but then again i feel i am missing out.

perhaps my mind is yet again blabbering on what should have been, what might have been, what could have been and all that in between - sorts.

as the song goes "just believe, another day. i'm used to it by now". 

15 August 2010

calm in the deserts

it is but surreal when your subconscious tells you that you are simply at a more calmer state. seems like yesterday when i cannot seem to find my footing in this place, but then again, perhaps when you let that certain inner peace get into you, you simply couldn't resist but to let go.

so many things have moved in and out of my world. some i must simply set free and some are slowly marking themselves on me. i still cannot make sense of what is happening around but all i know, i have placed my mind at a more standstill plight. 

we have a map of the piano

26 June 2010

lost and the city

after 40 days of leave, i am back in this place i call my second home. however for some reason, it feels like i don't belong here anymore. i am not quite sure if it's the boredom or homesickness that is kicking in. all i know is that i have known this place for almost 14 years and yet i think i have left myself back in manila. 

maybe i will get over this feeling as i report back to work tomorrow or maybe not. for now i have heard of this amazing song and so here's one for those who feel like they are strangers to a certain place they have known almost all their lives.

04 May 2010

lose control

more often than not, others would see me as a walking schedule book. everything seems so planned out, details all in place, in short, borderline obsessive compulsive. little did i know that i could break out from my shell. surprisingly, i can actually bend the rules. the norms, the traditional, whatever you call it. quite honestly, it is a breath of fresh air.

for the time being, let this song emulate what i *think slash *feel is going inside of me.
lose control

16 April 2010

i press rewind

it has been roughly three years since the last time i blogged.
i remember it vividly, my very first entry was about despair and everything in between. the past months have been a push and pull. up and downhill. the present has been wearing me down. then without great vigor, i am yet again nostalgic.

i cannot contain everything in words but for now, let MC do the talking (or singing for that matter) on my behalf. here's a flashback on the things that were.