06 April 2015

fast forward to 2015

it is interesting how nearly 3 years have passed since the last time i made a post. if my memory serves me right, i knew that i would take this long to post purely because i was about to start my post-graduate studies and i know it would require commitment (translation: time management)

fast forward to 2015, so many things actually took place. i got engaged in 2014, completed my post-graduate degree at the University of Liverpool towards the 3rd quarter of the same year and early 2015 i got hitched! 

i've been to new york city, london (about a million times), edinburgh, birmingham, liverpool (practically around UK), paris, and lastly, bali. i've had tons of arguments with my then-fiance and now hubby. 

in other words, i've been to so many things. life has this fascinating way of swaying you around without you realizing that a lot have changed since then.

i no longer enjoy the very late night outs... i no longer enjoy the "all-weekend" out of the house gimmicks... 

i now highly require that i atleast have one decent day off at home. boring i know. i prefer to workout than to get drunk from sunset to dawn. i prefer to travel than to buy a ridiculously expensive car. i prefer to buy gold / diamond jewelries than to buy tons of trinklets. 

perhaps i have matured or became boring. whatever it maybe, it is just insightful to see how time can evolve a person.