21 August 2011

22 Days Before Eid Al Fitr - Day 12

This is a delayed post. This was in fact supposed to be posted yesterday hence Day 12 but got tied up with some researches. (it happens =p). So all references here will be like as if I blogged yesterday. Hehehe.

Anyways for some reason, I woke up at 3:30 am thinking of what to cook for Iftar. After Suhoor, I browsed through my Women’s Weekly Cookbook and two recipes caught my eye. Fish & Chips and an appealing dessert.

To fast forward to 2:30 pm, I decided to make Fish & Chips without the chips. Got the fish marinated with lemon and ground black pepper. Then began dipping it in home-made batter and deep fried the fish afterwards. Since I like my fish to be crunchy, I’ve waited just as when the fish passed its golden brown color. On the side, I’ve sliced some lemons and mayo-ketchup dip since I didn’t have the ingredients to make a tartar sauce. I just had to improv.

And because my sweet tooth was calling for some dessert, I decided to make pudding once again. Aside from additional step of making the caramel sauce, the dessert was pretty simple. And after my 7-month long abstinence from coffee, I got the satisfaction of tasting caffeine once again but definitely in a good way.

So here it is, Fish & Chips and Coffee & Mixed Nuts Pudding in Caramel Sauce.


  1. Is that a fancy sauce with the fish? ^_^

  2. Like ko ung pudding :)) Mouth watering dish! Good job dear...

  3. hahaha fancy sauce! and just like that, I will watch stepbrother again!