26 August 2011

22 Days Before Eid Al Fitr - Day 15 18

i am so behind with updating the meals i have been cooking / baking. since school officially started, half of my evenings are employed with reading modules, posting discussions, researching for resources etc. Not to mention that I too am a full-time bank officer at day.

excuses, excuses, excuses – i know. anyways, 3 days ago my mom invited couple of her friends for iftar. for some reason, my mom expected that i should be tonight’s chef. Hehehe. (i was wondering how graciously she gave me the limelight or maybe she was just too lazy tired to cook) needless to say, it was a chance for me to showcase my thai cooking skills (as if). and what best to showcase that talent than to prepare 2 famous thai dishes. (2 of my favorites in fact). i remember during our short trip to Bangkok, i told my mom that we couldn’t leave until we have a feast of the country’s best known meals (aside from tom yum soup).

without further adieu, i present to you Pad Thai and Chicken Satay.


  1. YUMMY!!!
    almond and cashew nuts ba nasa pad thai?

  2. galing!!! innovative..so mas masarap kaysa peanuts?

  3. i hate you bes!! ur such a tease!!!

  4. mas masarap? i guess so. dibale ull have a taste of it soon, inshallah.

    bes i'm a tease? u make it sound so dirty! bwahaha!