30 August 2011

22 Days Before Eid Al Fitr - Days 21 and 22

and so the end is here. the final meals, desserts rather to make the list. one dessert is the easiest i have learned before for all those chocolate lovers while the other is again new to my kitchen experience.

i guess i don’t need to bore you anymore on how i made it but one thing is for sure, i enjoyed sharing the experience with you all (if I actually have readers out there). Oh well, this is already in cyberspace so whoever stumbles into it, i’m glad you passed by.

aside from my rumbles over getting too excited or failing to meet my cooking standards (as if), this month indeed was special. i believe i got closer to ALLAH and was able to reflect on so many things. couple of people ofcourse made this journey a memorable one.

this month’s blog would always be exceptional. i do not claim any expertise on cooking but i do love to cook.

my friends, EID MUBARAK to you all and please enjoy my last entries… chocolate mousse and lemon puddle pudding-souffle


  1. Congratz dear, for completing your project, you really are determined to succeed. Eid mubarak! Glad you got what you needed this holy month, :)) till the next meal or dessert!

  2. thanks mhon. although baka matagal-tagalan siguro ulet bago ako gumawa ng something similar but this a start. =D